AIAA Student Membership

AIAA Welcomes student participants to the Region V Student Conference. Students must join AIAA to be eligible to compete in the conference. For more information about Student Membership visit us online. Student membership is only $25 USD.

Questions about AIAA? Please contact the AIAA Student Programs Coordator, Rachel Dowdy, at



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Important Dates

Registration Opens: 

January 1, 2018

Regular Registration Closes: 

April 14, 2018

Abstract Deadline: 

March 2, 2018

Technical Report Deadline: 

March 31, 2018


April 13-14, 2018
Document Library
AIAA Author Kit

Your paper should be prepared according to AIAA Manuscript Preparation Kit. Please note that the paper can be no longer than 11 pages single column because this is a student competition. Masters Competition papers may have up to two student authors and list one faculty advisor as co-author.

Information for authors and a template can be found on the AIAA website, Author Resources.

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AIAA Region V Student Conference

Presentation Format

All presentations are scheduled at 30 minute intervals. These thirty minutes include the time for speaker introduction as well as paper presentation and questions and answers. Each paper presenter will be given a maximum of 20 minutes for oral presentation. A five-minute warning, then a one-minute warning will be given to help the speaker pace the end of the presentation. If needed, a cut-off at the end of twenty minutes will be enforced. Additional time (approximately 8 minutes) will be allotted for questions from the floor, starting with the judges.

A PC and projector will be provided for presentations. You may use your own PC, if you prefer, as long as it can be hooked up, powered on and ready to go in the 2 minute allotted time. Preparation time extending into your 20 minute presentation time will count as part of your 20 minutes. The preferred format of presentation is a PowerPoint file stored on a flash drive. Please bring your file in multiple formats in case of technical difficulties.

To ensure that there is a smooth transition between the presenters, all visual aids will be required to be uploaded onto the session computers during check-in if you plan on using these computers, which occurs the night BEFORE the conference begins or early on the morning of the first day.